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Najib’s regret, it is a bit too late

Isn’t it a bit too late for the former prime minister Najib Tun Razak to lament that he could not implement the Malaysian Indian Blueprint because BN lost in last election. It lost the election because of the rampant corruption and the gross misappropriation of the 1MDB public funds. In others words, the BN sunk as a result of its own doings. Why then complain of not returning to power resulting in the non-implementation of the MIB.

Najib rather than lamenting about his non service to Indians, he should ask himself why he failed Indians and others allowing certain individuals and groups to loot the country of its financial resources. A personal reflection would do more good to him rather than blaming exerts resources for not doing enough for Indians.

If he had really thought of all Malaysians and not just Indians, he would not be regretting today. He must shoulder the responsibility of failing all Malaysians in including the poor Indians.

Najib was never really serious about assisting Indians in the first place. BN had been in power for nearly 60 years, but what was the result. But all of sudden Najib should cry over “spilled milk” as though he lost a golden opportunity in addressing Indian socio-economic issues.

MIB might have been ambitious document for the progress and well-being of Indians, but alas it was never meant to be implemented in the first place. It was more directed towards obtaining political support from the Indian community in view of the coming general election. In other words, it was meant to dupe Indians to vote for the BN in the 2018 election.

It was not that PH spoilt the plans of Najib, but the latter’s gross financial misdeeds that ironically entrapped even some of his own ambitious plans.

Thanks to Najib for his Deepavali festival messages to the Indian community.

He is welcome to my open house!

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