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Why should Wathyamoorthy resign?

Why are there loud calls from both the opposition and some PH component parties for the resignation of National Unity Minister and Hindraf leader P. Wathyamoorthy?

These renewed calls came immediately after the unfortunate death of fireman Muhammed who was seriously hurt in the Seafield estate temple fracas that took place in the wee hours of November 26, 2018 in Subang Jaya.

While one PKR leader urged Wathyamoorthy to resign for failing to achieve national unity, others from PPBM, Umno and PAS argued that Wathyamoorthy by issuing statements not in support of the police might have contributed to the fracas that took place in the temple. They also wanted him to tend his resignation.

Was Wathyamoorthy responsible for the events leading to the temple fracas? The temple incident was a result of the stalemate between the owner of the temple and one-section of the temple committee that refused to honour the consent judgement for relocation of the temple to another place stipulated in the agreement. What has Wathyamoorthy got to do with this and other related temple matters? He was not even the scene at all in the first place.

The actual temple fracas that took place was as a result of the thugs sent to demolish the temple allegedly by the temple owner. It was this attempt that angered the devotees leading to fights and torching of several cars until the situation was brought under control by the police. Was Wathyamoorthy behind this fracas and did he inflame the delicate situation? The answer is no!

What was Wathyamoorthy’s role in the temple matter! It was only after the police came out with a statement that the fight was between two Indian groups that Wathyamoorthy together with other PH Indian leaders refuted the initial findings of the police to say that it was not a fight between two Indian groups but a clash between hired thugs and devotees. Should Wathyamoorthy and other Indian leaders resign for making a correct analysis of the situation and for correcting the police?

Did Wathyamoorthy by correcting the police version of events exacerbated the situation and therefore he should resign? This something far fetched and totally illogical! I don’t think he or any anybody inflamed the ground situation and it would be extremely far fetched and total absurdly to link to the unfortunate death of Muhammed Adib.

Wathyamoorthy might not have played an active role in managing the situation because of the involvement of certain groups and parties bent on tarnishing the image of the PH government. The matter developed to an extent where voices of moderation had no role; it was either you with temple committe or against them.

Wathyamoorthy is not super human being who can bring national unity with his Hindraf magic. It is childish or even naive to ask for his resignation for failing to bring about national unity. This question should be addressed to our Prime Minister Tun Mahathir.

For Umno and PAS leaders asking Wathyamoorthy to resign represents a rather cheap shot. For leaders who have lost all dignity and shame for not questioning the 1MDB debacle, asking for the ouster of Indian leaders reflects their tainted character.

Wathyamoorthy on his part must pluck up courage to defend his stand on the temple matter. Don’t expect Mahathir to come to the defense.

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